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The clay ball also called health-care loess ball, is made from natural clay with large content of germanium. After fired in high temperature, these raw materials were made into the clay ball. It contains more than 30 trace elements good for organism. All these trace elements can stimulate the enzyme activities, improve the enzyme catalysis. They are also helpful to improve metabolic function, promote the nutrients digestion and absorption. Form this perspective, it is safe to say that the clay ball has excellent physiotherapeutic effecacy.

Through special process and high temperature burning, this clay ball has the property of sleek particle, uniform particle size, bright color, and abrasion resistance. This health care loess ball also has the characteristics of far infrared, no radiation, etc.

1. The clay ball is used as a filler in making pillows, mattresses, and waist protects, knee protect; 
2. The health care loess ball can be used as the soil cover for crops, flowers cultivation;
3. Another usage for the clay ball is purification material for water, beverage and wine; 
4. It is suitable for health care materials in construction and installation industry; 
5. It is used as deodorants.

Product Model: 
The products models include Φ 1-2, Φ 2-3, Φ 3-4 mm; other specifications can be made according to the requirements of clients;

Product Efficacy: 
1. The clay ball can radiate anion: negative ions have the function of purifying the air, antisepsis and improving sleep. It also can improve air quality, remove clothing dirt; 
2. It can radiate far infrared ray which is beneficial to human body. Therefore, this clay ball can be used in greenhouses, decoration health products and other places. It has health care treatment effect; 
3. The health care loess ball can shield electromagnetic radiation: the wall and ground laid with the clay ball can reduce the electromagnetic radiation on the human body; 
4. The clay ball has the function of nutrition health care: first, when the tools made of the clay ball is used to store the tap water, the trace elements production is close to or more than natural mineral water; second, when placing the clay ball into bath crock, it can be used as human body massage to promote blood circulation and human body immunity; 
5. It has the function of antibacterial and antiseptic: it can prevent the storage of fungi which is harmful to the human body; 
6. It is able to absorb peculiar smell, and other harmful smell; 
7. It can keep the relative humidity of environment;
8. After absorbing heat the clay ball can launch far infrared ray, which can shorten the heating time.

Chemical Position:

SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O+Na2O
47-68% 18-25% 5-8% 3-4% 1-4% 3-5%

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